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In 2009 the Wayuu Tribe, by order 004 of the Colombian Constitutional Court was included as one of 34 indigenous people at risk of physical and cultural extinction. They have been innocent victims caught in the longest civil war in the western hemisphere. Mining Exploration has damaged the water reservoirs, and contaminated the ground water.

In 2011 the Cercado Dam was built by the government but drained the Rancheria River, the Wayuu’s only nearby source of water. Now, the Wayuu must walk 3-6 hours to well often polluted with bacteria and salt. The crisis in Venezuela has also had a dramatic effect on the Wayuu. The Venezulan governments closing of the border has had a profound impact on the Wayuu’s cross-border trade. 



With more than 12 years of experience in different parts of the country, we have a unique understanding of Colombia. We are currently working with the Colombian government and the Sau Woumain Foundation train the Wayuu, who are contracted and compensated for their work, in the construction and proper maintenance of the wells. Each well takes approximately 5 weeks to build. Once completed, these provide an ample and fresh supply of drinking water made readily available.