Having studied and practiced yoga, meditation, and intuitive arts for 15 years in many styles, I believe these practices are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others. As a certified yoga teacher, a paddleboard yoga instructor, Reiki Level II practitioner, and teacher of kids yoga and meditation classes, I am ever delving deeper into these passions. As a single mother of four and woman who found myself embarking on a journey a bit different than expected, I turned toward these practices when I needed healing from depression and anxiety. Through consciousness raising practices and living my life as a moving meditation I've found false beliefs melt away, we start living from our divine essence, we remember who we are, and in this creation of space within ourselves we reclaim our power and infinite ability to manifest dreams. In addition to nurturing our soul and spirit, our physical body is the temple. Keeping it strong and healthy is vital to an enlightened life. Sharing this is my life’s purpose.