The Wayuu are known as the people of the sun, sand, and wind.  They are located in Northeast Colombia and Northwestern Venezuela.   They represent 57% of the indigenous population of Colombia.
Their culture is grounded in a deep spirituality rooted in the land.   Sociocultural dynamics of the Wayuu are associated with a spirituality, territoriality, and a rich mystical historical universe in which the gods dictate rules for their existence and well being.  Their spiritual universe is guided by the reading and interpretation of dreams.


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Their culture integrates a series of important gods and goddesses into their mystical universe.   Mareiwa is the god creator and founder of the Wayuu society.   Pulowi and Juya, are married couple associated with procreation and life; where Pulowi is a female goddess related to the wind, and dry seasons, Juya a nomadic god related to hunting and seen as a powerful killer.  Wanulu represents the evil god, with which comes illness and death.