Our Mission 

In Sanskrit, the word “moksha” means liberation. It describes a state of absolute peace and freedom, an ultimate release that then emerges you into a state of enlightenment. Moksha Soul is not just the name of a brand, it is a movement in itself, and a vision manifested. It was created with a mission to connect to all people and introduce them to the true meaning of unity and the power it has to create a better world. This is a constantly changing and evolving online-based company, branching out into the physical world and bringing light to guide those seeking a deeper meaning and better quality of life. Continue to visit this website for updates on the projects Moksha Soul is currently working on worldwide and how your purchase can help.




As a yogini, reiki practitioner, teacher of yoga and student life, Nichole Clift has a deep passion for connecting with people from all around the world, learning about their culture, their story and what liberates them. Through her own personal experience with depression and anxiety, she has surrendered and released from the idea of what she once thought she was, embracing the truth of her very being: divine light, pure love and free-flowing energy. To awaken to this reality, she dedicated herself to the daily practice of yoga, a  tradition that allowed her to break down the walls of fear and continue on the path of limitless opportunities.

During her awakening she decided to travel to India where she lived for three months and completed her 500 Hour Hatha YTTC. After emerging from a place of darkness, it is in Nichole’s heart to offer guidance to those lost in dark places, truly believing that change always comes from within. By uniting with those who continue to learn and grow, she trusts that together people can raise awareness and make a  difference in creating a better world.

As the creator of Moksha Soul, Nichole’s mission is to continue to connect with people of all walks of life and share the gift of truth so all can dance freely in the liberation it brings.